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Prishtina, 20.02.2019 – Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka encouraged women to engage in the energy sector. This was made possible through the program “Women in Energy Scholarship Program”, organized by the Millennium Challenge Corporation – MCC.

This program for Kosovo will award 1 million euro for 25 scholarships distributed to women for studies in the United States of America in the sphere of energy.

Minister Lluka expressed his hope that through these scholarships, women will be motivated to work in the energy sphere and hope that women benefitting from said scholarships will not stop at the degree awarded through the scholarship but will continue to seek PhD degrees and contributing to the country.

“Today, we have a situation where the energy sector is dominated by men, boards are dominated by men and publicly-owned enterprise managements are dominated by men. 25 scholarships are not much, but they will provide us with 25 experts that will significantly help our country.”

“This campaign will positively conduce women’s participation in this field. Trends are changing, and while in the past scholarships were awarded for social sciences, now we are providing full scholarships for this field,” Lluka said.

Further, the Minister of Economic Development said that the investment of 3 billion euro is expected in this sphere in the upcoming 10 years.

“We expect to have 3 billion euro invested in the next 10 years. Today, while we speak of a promising sector, UP is closing doctoral and master degree studies, in lack of academic staff.”

“I hope that these girls are not satisfied with the degrees awarded through the scholarships, but go on finish doctoral studies, and we will urge companies to employ women with degrees in this sphere,” Lluka said.

Karen Sessions, MCC Vice President, said that the initiative utilizes US expertise in strengthening women in energy.

“The project offers economic opportunities, supports and offers funding for scholarships. Strengthening economic opportunities is a substantial opportunity. Programs like the one we are promoting today will help in the advancement and strengthening of women".

This initiative utilizes US expertise in advancing progress of women. Kosovo will be better prepared to meet its demand in the future. We restlessly await to work with Kosovo government in successful implementation of the program,” Sessions said.

The application phase will be open until 7 April. Candidates will be interviewed between 15-19 April and 25-29 April.