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Prishtina, 08.02.2019 – Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Mayor of Deçan municipality Bashkim Ramosaj on the implementation of a pilot-project on “Promotion of Energy Efficiency at local level, through implementation of Energy Efficiency measures.”

This memorandum of cooperation will serve to test a pilot project on implementation of energy efficiency measures, which envisage improvement of public lighting in Deçan municipality. The agreement reaches a total amount of 51 thousand euro, of which 46 thousand are funded from MED and 5 thousand from Deçan municipality.

In the memorandum execution event, Minister Lluka said that the project will improve public lighting and that the funds are provided under the energy efficiency fund.

“This is the first phase of the energy efficiency project, which aims to replace public lighting and improve public lighting in the municipality, while utilizing energy more efficiently,” said Minister Lluka.

Mayor of Deçan, Bashkim Ramosaj, thanked Minister Lluka for the project and allocation of funds for its implementation.

“We wish to thank Minister Lluka for the execution of the cooperation memorandum and for allocating funds to Deçan municipality. Moreover, in addition to executing said memorandum, the meeting will be used to review possibilities of closer cooperation with MED in the future,” Ramosaj said among other.

Minister Lluka expressed his gratitude to Mayor Ramosaj for the reception, stating that cooperation between Deçan municipality and Ministry of Economic Development will be further expanded in the future.