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Prishtina, 07.12.2018 – Investments reaching hundreds of millions were subject to discussions in the meetings held by the Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, with potential Slovenian investors, ministers and business representatives during the official visit to Slovenia.

The head of MED is staying in Ljubljana, to attend various meetings and review investment possibilities in the sphere of waters, waste, energy and agro-business.

In the meeting with the management of the state export bank of Slovenia (SID Bank), Lluka discussed on the introduction of Slovenian capital in Kosovo in the sphere of waters, energy, waste and agro-business. SID has preapproved the request to fund investments in the amount of around 200 million euro in the area of waters and agro-business, whereas standing ready to consider other projects in the sphere of environment, such as wastewater treatment for municipalities with up to 30.000 inhabitants.

In addition, Minister Lluka met with the management staff of InterEnergo Company, which has invested around 60 million euro and constructed 4 hydro power plants that are active and generate around 35MWh of electricity.

This company has also expressed interest for further expansion, as, according to its general director Anton Papez, they are satisfied with the service and treatment in Kosovo.
In the meeting with the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Pocivalsek, Minister Lluka informed his counterpart on Kosovo’s potentials, with focus on the energy sector, which is expected to receive around 3 billion in investments in the next 10 years, as stipulated in the energy strategy approved this year by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Moreover, Minister Lluka presented potentials in the water sector, especially in water management, including the construction of reservoirs, wastewater treatment and installation of digital meters.

Ministers also agreed to organize a visit to Kosovo of a delegation of Slovenian businesses, with focus on energy, mining and water industries, accompanied by Minister Pocivalsek, in order to get first hand acquaintance with its potentials.

Part of the delegation was the Minister of Agriculture, Shukri Maxhuni, who along with Minister Lluka met with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tanja Strnisa, to discuss on the agricultural reform that aims to engage all Kosovo farmers producing basic food products and ensuring that they have a guaranteed sales system that addresses needs in terms of processing, assorting, packaging and sale of products, thus enabling individual farmers’ development through access to funding from the same mechanism. The Agricultural Platform is the basis for proper development of the agricultural sector.

Minister Lluka concluded his visit with meetings in Iskra Emeco, where he was received by the company’s owner, Ahmed Elsewedy, Chief Executive Officer Luis Goncalves and board member, Dieter Brunner.