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Prishtina, 04.12.2018 – The Ministry of Economic Development today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss government on co-funding and financial oversight of the support program for water supply and sewage systems in rural areas.

Minister Valdrin Lluka and Mr. Alan Brown, head of the Dorsch (Dorch International Consultants) program team, signed the memorandum of understanding, which, among other, provides for the development and rehabilitation of drinkable water supply and waste-water treatment systems, thus supporting the objective of comprehensive access, as well as development component infrastructure, including procedures for operation and maintenance, diminishment of unbilled water quantities, obtainment of samples and monitoring of water quality, protection of water resources, mitigating climate change, energy efficiency and development of customer relations in various areas around Kosovo.

The Government of Kosovo will contribute to this project with 10 million euro, while Dorsch and the Swiss Government will fund around 8 million. This project is on its VI stage and will continue to run until 2021.

This project will also enable the integration of small and own-water supply systems in the Water Supply system, and subsequently improve service to citizens and enhance drinkable water security.