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Prishtina, 26.10.2018 Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka is attending the economy conference for Western Balkans countries, held in Montenegro and attended by economy ministers of six countries, and informed the attendants on the developments in Kosovo’s economy.

In this conference, Minister Lluka disclosed projects implemented by the Kosovo Government in the sphere of energy, mining, information and communication technology, with special emphasis on the Kosova e Re project. Among other, Minister Lluka said that these projects will improve the overall economic climate in the country and comprise projects that will provide for foreign investments.

Head of MED informed the participants that Kosovo is the country with the highest economic growth rate in the region, with around 3.5% annually, and underlined the fact that to maintain the rhythm with EU countries it should attain a higher economic growth rate, while underlining that Kosovo enjoys macro-fiscal stability and a low public debt rate.

“We have done a lot to have this idea become functional, including removal of barriers in terms of free movement of persons and goods, reciprocal acknowledgement of various export/import certificates and increasing investments in infrastructure, and Kosovo is ahead of the rest in relation to the inter-connectivity of the region bearing in mind the investments in the road infrastructure connecting Kosovo with Albania, Macedonia and Serbia. Works are already under way to providing a railroad connection between Kosovo and Macedonia and Serbia,” Lluka said.

Also, Lluka was critical of almost all countries of the region that have not performed or advanced sufficiently to ensure e better economic integration of Balkans, emphasizing that Kosovo is the only country to develop a connection road infrastructure between the countries.