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Prishtina, 16.10.2018 – Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka met today with the Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka. He ensured the head of the municipality that Prizren will be part of the strategic development projects that directly affect the welfare of Prizren citizens.

Lluka and Haskuka discussed on projects directly related to citizen services, including projects on waste management, improved drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, district heating, business park and the Innovations and Training Park.

“We are intensively working to cover different areas of the city of Prizren with district heating. This not only improves air quality and enhances energy stability in your municipality, but also significantly improves the quality of living for Prizren citizens. Our focus is to improve the water-supply network for all villages of your municipality and to implement wastewater treatment projects therein,” said Minister Lluka.

Minister Lluka offered support in the implementation of strategic municipal projects, including that of the economic area of Prizren.

Haskuka requested support from Minister Lluka for the implementation of the Business Park Project. “For our project, the operationalization of the project for the establishment of the business park is vital, and its finalization is still pending administrative procedures,” said Haskuka.

On this occasion, the head of MED said that he will remain personally engaged in the acceleration of administrative procedures for the vitalization of the park as soon as possible.

Also, Lluka spoke on the Innovation Center to offer support in the implementation of the project, to be accessible by youth aiming to develop innovative abilities. “This Center aims to develop human capacities, by training and promoting work of youth in Kosovo and abroad, and by establishing space for developing innovative capabilities and new employment possibilities for youth,” Lluka said.

The Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka, thanked Minister Lluka for the support in the implementation of projects that directly influence the lives of citizens.