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Prishtina, 11.10.2018 – The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is dedicated to following and implementing all its developmental and economic policies. Based on the Kosovo Energy Strategy 2017-2026 and the National Development Strategy, Kosovo needs new electricity generation capacities. Thus, we are obliged to implement and materialize our country’s strategies to offer the country and its economy and people prosperity and security in all spheres.

One of the most important Kosovo projects is that of the development of Kosova e Re Thermal Power Plant. The project is strongly and unreservedly supported by our strategic international partners. The project will be finalized by meeting and fulfilling all international rules and directives. “Kosova e Re” will be finalized because it is the only solution for increasing energy supply security, which directly affects the country’s national security. At the same time, we are continually advancing in alternative and renewable energy projects, but we can’t and don’t dare experiment with our national security.

The TPP Kosova e Re Project is the project with most studies and opinions, all of which consider its development a necessary solution.

Kosovo, as well as many other parties of the Energy Community, has oriented its mid-term policies for provision of energy supply towards lignite reserves. The same orientation is also followed by numerous European Union countries. Thermal power plants with similar or higher capacities than Kosova e Re operate or are under projection or development phases in many EU countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. Even our neighbors, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, are also constructing lignite-powered thermal power plants.

As stated by Minister Lluka, we will never compromise to the harm of our national security of electricity supply: “As a minister responsible for energy in this country, I will not allow for Kosovo to remain dependent on energy imports. The country’s strategy is to ensure economic growth and employment through utilization of the country’s extraordinary potential not only for generating energy for our own needs but also for export. Energy independence has no alternative, and we don’t have any other feasible for energy generation.”

The investor, Contour Global, has informed the Government of Kosovo to be on the right path for ensuring financing of the project from international financial institutions. The process is in its final stage of selection of the company for construction, operation and maintenance of the thermal power plant.

According to the plan the construction of TPP Kosova e Re will commence in the first part of next year.