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Prishtina, 26.08.2018 - At the invitation of the President of Alpbach European Forum, Franz Fischler, Valdrin Lluka is attending the works of this Forum, and used the opportunity to inform the participants that the Ministry he heads is intensively engaged in the development of the National Research and Development Center.

In a discussion with participants of the Forum today, on the topic “How can innovation and youth impact the deepening of economic cooperation between Balkan countries”, Minister Lluka said that the EU Digital Agenda on Western Balkans envisages the establishment of national centers for research and development, which will directly influence the deepening of cooperation and increase of economic growth in Western Balkans countries.

Minister Lluka said that Western Balkans countries are conditioned to develop common projects, and due to the unfavorable economic state of said countries, he requested financial support from EU for such projects.

Also, the head of MED said that a greater connection in the sphere of telecommunications continues to represent a challenge for Balkans, especially in terms of roaming agreement implementation.

In relation to this, Minister Lluka informed the participants that the Ministry he heads is developing projects for digitalizing the economy and improving the infrastructure, as a project that will make Kosovo an attractive country for investments and development.

Minister Lluka said to attendants from different countries in Europe and Balkans that the hurtful past of Balkans countries can only be overcome through economic development.

In conclusion, Minister Lluka underlined that Western Balkans countries, and Republic of Kosovo in specific, aim to ensure prompt EU accession, leading the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Economic Development to work in addressing and fulfilling all relevant standards.