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Prishtina, 26.07.2018 - Minister Valdrin Lluka is currently on an official visit in Warsaw, invited by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Jadviga Emiewitz, from where he called upon the Polish businesses to turn their eyes towards Kosovo.

“Poland and Polish entrepreneurship are interested in Balkans and Kosovo in special. We will take over the rotational European Union chairmanship, and Balkans represents one of our priorities,” said the Minister of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Poland, Jadviga Emilewitz, to the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Kosovo, Valdrin Lluka, during his visit to the Polish capital.

This is the first official visit of a Kosovo minister to one of the largest countries of the European Union. Minister Lluka informed the member of Polish government, accompanied by a number of state agency heads and investment guarantee bodies and banks, on developments in the Kosovo economy and advantages offered by our country to foreign investors.

Minister Lluka also informed the counterparts with some of the processes that the mining and energy sectors have entered into, and underscored the information and technology sectors as an attractive sector for Polish investors and European investors in general.

“Kosovo is a small market, but many foreign companies are interested to come to the country, aiming European markets and utilizing the doing business facilities,” he said.

Poland is an economically developed country, a world leader in the provision of technological services and one of the main countries for the export of such services, a model which Kosovo Government and businesses aim to follow in the future.

Two ministers agreed to organize in the near future a business forum that would focus on a number of priority sectors. Also, Minister Lluka asked Poland to send a group of experts to support certain sectors in further development, a demand to be considered by the Polish host.
Additionally, both ministers granted priority focus to the execution of an agreement on investment protection, to establish the legal basis for encouraging the introduction of Polish businesses to Kosovo. Poland is one of the most important countries of the European Union, with a significant military and policy contingent in KFOR and EULEX.

In the recent months, the Government of Kosovo has intensified its contacts with the Polish Government. Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli met twice with his Polish counterpart Jacek Caputowitz, who is expected to visit Kosovo soon at the invitation of the head of Kosovo diplomacy.

The visit of Minister Lluka to Poland, as a guest of the Polish Government, will be followed by other meetings of senior officials of the state, country’s largest business organizations, and enterprises of interest for Kosovo.