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Prishtina, 23.07.2018 – Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka visited today the Artana Mine, and informed its management and miners that the Government of Kosovo has reached an agreement with Trepca Miners’ Union, which is expected to benefit all miners alike.

Similar to other visits, Minister Lluka was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP), Fatmir Matoshi, and member of the Assembly of Kosovo Islam Pacolli.

Head of MED said that there is close cooperation with the management and miners and discussed with them on problems and opportunities for improving their conditions.

“Miners have really given a lot for the country, yet they continue to work in harsh conditions, and we can’t allow that any longer, with the severe conditions and their age, that is why I am here to communicate to them the news that we envisage to have early retirement options for all above 55 years old, and are reviewing some additional benefits which we are currently negotiating,” Lluka said.

Minister Lluka said that he will call a meeting with Trepca and Artana miners and managements next week to discuss commonly their situation. “I will not leave any space for discrimination, therefore conditions of Stanterg miners will also be applicable for Artana miners,” he said.

For his part, the Director of Artana Mine, Hysen Vrajolli, said that Minister Lluka was informed about the difficult working conditions and the results of their operations. He said that the mine faced a constant lack of budget, and has received promises of having a more realistic budget in the future.