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Prishtina, 23.07.2018 – Kamenica municipality will be included in significant projects for the sphere of energy, waters and digital economy, said today Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka.

Head of MED made these comments during the visit made to this municipality, where he was received by Mayor Qendron Kastrati. Lluka was accompanied in the visit by Deputy Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP), Fatmir Matoshi, and Member of Kosovo Assembly, Islam Pacolli.

“The Government of Kosovo signed two agreements two weeks ago; one with the Government of Switzerland on integration of villages in water supply systems, a beneficiary of which is also the Municipality of Kamenica, and the other with the World Bank on digitalizing the country’s economy, the idea of which is to include all villages in the optical fiber connection system, to provide a fast internet connection to residents in remote areas, for self-employment purposes,” Lluka said.

According to him, of special significance for Kamenica is also the wastewater treatment project, to include Ranillug and treatment of waters discharged from Artana Mine, in order to ensure that Kamenica residents don’t have problems with drinkable water supply.

“During this meeting, we agreed to conduct the feasibility study on treatment of wastewaters, with support from donors. We also discussed the possibilities of investments in the current water supply network in Kamenica, integration of villages in the water supply grid, and construction of dams, which are envisaged in the Kosovo Water Strategy,” said Minister Lluka.

For his part, the Mayor of Kamenica, Qendron Kastrati, on behalf of the municipality’s citizens thanked Minister Lluka for the visit and readiness to advance projects of this municipality related to MED.

“I would like to publicly thank Minister Lluka for supporting the project for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the Kamenica Culture Dome. Other issues discussed included access of villages to the water supply system, treatment of wastewaters and energy efficiency projects in public lighting,” he said.

Deputy Minister of MESP, Fatmir Matoshi and Member of Assembly Islam Pacolli, promised unreserved support to Kamenica Municipality from all sectors headed by AKR, emphasizing that their visit in this format is a testimony for this readiness.

Further, Minister Lluka visited the Air Energy project in village Kike, where he promised engagement for better conditions for investors.

Lluka said this comprises an important project for Kosovo, as it is bound to adhere to European Union standards and criteria on renewable energy, but also in terms of the environment, employment and European activities generated by this type of business.

Head of MED noted that by the end of this year Kosovo is expected to have around 80MWh capacities of wind-powered energy.

The installed capacity of Air Energy project is currently set at 3.6MGW, with the possibility of further expansion, whereas it’s expected to be operational as of September of this year.