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Prishtina, 21.05.2018  - The decision for the submission to the Assembly of Kosovo of the Draft Law on Energy Efficiency was taken in the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

Minister of Economic Development (MED), Valdrin Lluka said that, “This Draft Law aims at determining the legal framework in order to define the fulfillment of efficiency targets, and it meets all relevant EU Directives requirements, and meets the main demands of such acts”.

in addition, Minister Lluka said that “with the establishment of the Fund, Kosovo will secure funds from the EU in the amount of 10 million EUR, on behalf of this Fund”.

Funds from donors are a commitment of the European Union, and the use and management of the Fund is specified by the rules set by the EU's sister funds”, he added.

According to him, “the positive impacts of the fund will be; energy efficiency, reduction of energy consumption in the household sector, reduction of environmental pollution and other positive effects that are part of the family basket".

The proposal for the appointment of the Board of Directors for New Kosovo Energy Company is reviewed

At the 48th meeting of the executive, a proposal for the appointment of the Provisional Board of Directors of the New Kosovo Energy Company was also reviewed.

Minister Lluka said that “after the establishment of this enterprise, MED, according to its obligations, has started the registration procedure of the company. This board of directors shall be appointed by law and will be a temporary board for 6 months,” he said.

Two members of “Ibër Lepenc” board of directors are appointed

Today, in the meeting of the Government of Kosovo, two members of the Board of POE “Ibër Lepenci” were appointed. 

Minister Lluka said, “The business of public enterprises is the responsibility of the board of directors. Appointments in POE boards is a government obligation. This board is not functional and the appointment of two members is important”.

“The appointment of new members will be made from the waiting list, as foreseen by the legal provisions.  The two nominees are Ejup Visoka and Mehmet Ballazhi,” he added.