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Prishtina, 11.05.2018 - Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, visited today the municipalities of Ferizaj and Lipjan, where he held separate meetings with the Mayor of Ferizaj Agim Aliu and that of Lipjan, Imri Ahmeti, and offered the support of his Ministry for their projects in the field of energy, wastewater treatment, infrastructure and employment.
After the meeting with the Mayor of Ferizaj, Minister Lluka said that many issues related to the economic development of the Municipality of Ferizaj have been addressed, but more importance has been paid to wastewater treatment, a project valued at around 25 million EUR, financed by foreign funds through the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as contributions of the Government of Kosovo and the Municipality of Ferizaj.

Another issue that was discussed at this meeting was the energy infrastructure in the country :If we want to support businesses we must provide stable electricity supply, and in this regard we have to cooperate with KEDS, KOSTT because we need to increase our energy capacities in Ferizaj so that we can we support local businesses, given that the Municipality of Ferizaj is the second largest contributor after Prishtina”, said Lluka.

As for public enterprises, the head of MED said that they should be subsidized for their operation, but they must prove that they will apply the best corporate governance standards and ensure they are well managed and that their services benefit the citizens.

From his part, Mayor Agim Aliu said that Ferizaj is among the most important centers, both in terms of the number of inhabitants as well as the business capacity. He thanked Minister Lluka for the commitment and willingness to support concrete projects, among which he mentioned for wastewater treatment and energy efficiency. Aliu said that the Minister also received support for improving the conditions of the municipal businesses in terms of stable electricity supply.

MED supports the extension of the heating network in the Municipality of Lipjan

Minister Lluka is staying today in the Municipality of Lipjan, where he was received by Mayor Imri Ahmeti, with whom he discussed on the joint projects related to MED.

“We, as MED, agreed to look into the possibility of including in the Municipality of Lipjan into Prishtina’s central heating network by increasing the capacity of KRPP. We will multiply the capacities of co-generation, which means that with these capacities we will cover Fushë Kosova, Obiliq and Lipjan,” said Lluka, adding that a feasibility study should first be carried out.

Another topic discussed at the meeting was the possibility for MED to include Lipljan in optical fiber coverage, as part of the project for economic digitalization of the country with the World Bank.

Among other things, Minister Lluka also discussed the economic zones in the country, and the possibility of such development in this municipality, as Lipjan has a strategic position, as an area close to the Prishtina Airport, with an enormous advantage for investment, for those interested in coming to invest in this municipality.

The Mayor of Lipjan, Imri Ahmeti, said that the meeting with Minister Lluka was very constructive and fruitful with joint commitments. “The key project we discussed is the issue of a feasibility study on co-generation, as we think this is one of Lipjan's most important projects, as well as the fiber-optic coverage, as it is missing in Lipjan”, he said.