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Prishtina, 25.04.2018 - Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, hosted today a delegation of Mineral Corporation ‘Trevali’ from Canada, headed by its President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark D. Cruise, which companz is specialized in the mining sector, and particularz zinc.

Minister Lluka informed Mr. Cruise regarding Kosovo’s mining resources and investment opportunities in this sector, highlighting the Government’s commitment to creating a more favorable environment for foreign investments.

From his part, Cruise presented the current activities of the company he runs in Canada and Africa, and expressed an interest in Kosovo’s mining sector.

Cruise said that the presentations he witnessed at the PDAC Convention in Toronto, Canada, where Minister Lluka was present, ignited his interest in this sector in Kosovo.

He tated that Trevali Mining Corporation is the world’s 8th largest zinc manufacturer and specializes in older mines, which have been revitalized and made economically viable.

The interest of Mr. Crusie is an indication that the visit of Minister Lluka to Toronto and his request to bring as much investments from Canada to Kosovo also caught the interest of the Canadian delegation of this large corporation.