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Prishtinë -  28.03. 2018 - Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, together with Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Besim Beqaj, and Minister of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcilar, visited company Gjirafa, where they met with founder of this company Mergim Cahani.

On this occasion, Minister Lluka said that investments in technology ensure sustainable economic development.
“We are looking into forms of cooperation, to see how the Government can help the private sector, in the scope of Gjirafa.com. We have identified good opportunities of how the public sector help the private sector, but also the public sector will benefit from collection of taxes from the development of companies, as well as from services coming from this sector”, said Minister Lluka.

Also, Minister Lluka said that similar companies help improve Kosovo’s image, with creative ideas joining the latest global digital market.

“It is with pride that we see a company of such proportions as a world leader, especially advancing the Albanian language, regulating the Albanian language, and allowing searches in Albanian. It is our interest to search and advance in Albanian language”, said Minister Lluka.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Besim Beqaj, said that the Government aims to support the private sector. “Gjirafa has become an example of the digital economy in Kosovo with its developments”, said Beqaj.

From his part, the Minister of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcilar, said they are looking into the possibilities of a more efficient cooperation.

Mergim Cahani, founder of Gjirafa, said it is a pleasure to see the Government extending a helping hand to the sector.

“We are growing rapidly in Kosovo and in the region, especially in terms of the Albanian language, and we are looking for different collaborations on how to increase this cooperation with the Government of Kosovo”, he added.