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Prishtina, 24.03.2018 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, called on all energy sector stakeholders to show a higher level of responsiveness, in order to avoid energy cuts for citizens, as it happened in the recent days, and to find a long-term solution.

The Minister made these comments today after he met with heads of energy sector companies, KEK, KOSTT, KESCO and Energy Regulator, the purpose of which was to discuss the problems in this sector and increase the responsibilities of operators for energy supply, towards the citizens.

“The power supply situation today is better due to the return into operation of B2 Unit of TPP Kosovo B, but our discussions focused on what each institution should to make sure there are no electricity cuts for citizens”, said Lluka.

He said Kosovo has problems in securing energy from imports in cases where the demand for energy increases, due to problems caused by Serbia's Transmission Operator but also due to the lack of adequate planning by KESCO, and this led to load shedding, therefore called for more responsiveness by the latter.

On this occasion, the Minister stated that they agreed in this meeting that load shedding must take place proportionally for the whole territory of Kosovo, including the north.

Regarding the problems with Serbia, Lluka said negotiations intensified with the aim of ensuring KOSTT membership in ENTSOE, and expressed his hope that the process will be completed by June this year.

The Chairman of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Office, Arsim Janova, stated that this institution is monitoring all system operators and announced that ERO will act in accordance with its legal mandate.

‘The law envisages fines of up to 10 percent of the amount of the operator’s income. However, I would like to say that there are various measures to be considered by the Board. We do our part of the work, as ERO,” Janova said.