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Prishtina, 21.03.2018 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, said that the Airport of Gjakova is an extraordinary asset for the country and should not be left to disrepair, but rather brought back into function, and contribute to the economic development.

Minister Lluka made these comments today during his visit to the Municipality of Gjakova, where he met with mayor Ardian Gjini, in his visit to the Regional Water Company ‘Gjakova’.

Minister Lluka said after the meeting that the main topic discussed with the Mayor of Gjakova was the Airport, adding that MED and the Municipality have an important role to ensure its functioning.

“We have a significantly hard job ahead, because MED must coordinate the work with relevant ministries, to ensure the activation of the airport, through the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Public-Private Partnership”, said Lluka.

According to him, the activation of the Gjakova Airport will take place under the Prisgtina Airport, and for this reason all legal forms are being considered, as a second airport cannot be established in Kosovo.

“If we cooperate with the Prishtina Airport, they have an interest in taking over and activating the Gjakova Airport, generating significant employment of 60-100 people,” said the Minister of Economy, explaining that this airport will be commercial and will be multi-purpose.

Other issues discussed at this meeting were the customs terminal, the business park in Gjakova, and business subsidies.

From his part, the Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, said that with the Minister of Economic Development, they discussed issues related to development in Gjakova.

“We talked about possible projects, our needs and cooperation with the Ministry, as the municipality of Gjakova. We also focused on some vital and strategic issues. We tried to ensure coordination for these projects, including the Airport and the industrial area”, he added.

Later, Minister Lluka, accompanied by the Mayor Gjini, visited the RWC Gjakova, to mark the International Water Day.

On this occasion, Lluka said that RWC “Gjakova” is the company with the best performance in Kosovo, and this has been proved by the water regulator.

He said they are making efforts to ensure that 100% of residents have access to drinking water supply, adding that significant investments will be made to improve such services.