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Prishtina, 15.02.2018 – The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, conducted a number of meetings in Peja and Istog, to discuss issues of great interest for the development of said municipalities.

During the meeting with the Mayor of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri, a number of plans and projects for the water sector were discussed, including water supply system, wastewater treatment, waste collection and management, and other sectors. Emphasis was placed on implementing the water supply project for villages of Baran groove, and finding solutions for villages of Rugova, being that water supply will undoubtedly affect tourism development. Possibilities for constructing a wastewater treatment plant were also considered.

Minister Lluka underlined the necessity of ensuring municipal authorities are engaged in diminishing water losses and avoiding illegal connections in the grid. At the same time, he requested the implementation of projects related to energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, especially through solar panels.

As part of the visit, the head of MED also visited RWC Hidro Drini, and was received by the company’s board and senior management. Discussions revolved around plans and challenges faced by the company due to severe water losses – around 62% of the water produced, mostly as a consequence of illegal connections and leakages from the old pipeline network.

Minister Lluka demanded from the company’s management, which supplies water to Peja, Klina, Istog, Deçan and Junik municipalities, to find the way to diminish losses and increase the collection rate, as key factors for improving this public company’s negative performance.

In a separate meeting, Minister Lluka met with the Chief Executive Officer of water company Drini i Bardhë, to address problems pertaining to water provision for farmers, companies and other users, as well as company’s rather low collection rate.

In Istog, Minister Lluka met with a number of members of the Fish Production Association, who raised their concerns with the billing practice and payments sought by “Drini i Bardhë” Company for water use. Lluka promised his commitment under the scope of his responsibilities, but also in cooperation with other institutions, in order to find a just and legal solution to this issue, so as not to represent a problem for the conduct of this economic activity.