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Prishtina, 22.01.2018 - The signing of the contract for the Kosova e Re Power Plant is the first right step to regulate the energy sector, as one of the main mechanisms for the country’s economic development, particularly for the production sector. This was stated by the Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, after meeting with the President of Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gërxhaliu, accompanied by a delegation of business representatives.

On this occasion, Minister Lluka said that energy stability will affect the reduction of annual losses in the private sector, adding that they are over 300 million euros losses per year due to unplanned outages and lack of access to stable energy in the country.

“During the meeting we discussed on the signed agreement on TPP “Kosova e Re”, and we also discussed on the future of the energy sector, which is a critical sector for the country’s economy, a basis for a sound economic development of the country”, added Lluka, who informed business representatives on the details of the contract and the opportunities offered in the sector, both in terms of generation, energy efficiency and the implementation of the common energy market with Albania.

From his part, Safet Gërxhaliu, President of Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce, stated that 2017 and the beginning of 2018 are characterized as years of public-private dialogue, thanking Minister Lluka for a special dialogue with MED.

Gërxhaliu further stated that the Kosova e Re Power Plant Project is of special importance for the economic development of the country.

“A contract was signed for the Kosva e Re Power Plant, which is a contract of strategic and economic importance. What characterizes this contract and should be a model for other institutions is the transparency that we witnessed in recent days. In this regard, I am delighted that Minister Lluka is setting a new standard for these projects, which unfortunately was not the case in the past”, said Gerxhaliu.

Gërxhaliu further said that KCC strongly supports the project Kosova e Re Power Plant and underlined that whoever thinks about doing something positive for the country's economy they should support this project. “Let it this be an appeal from the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce to the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo to support this project, to vote in favor, because 13 years have left a mark on the Kosovo economy and we cannot afford to lose more time”, said Gërxhaliu.

The Head of KCC highlighted employment opportunities during the construction process of TPP Kosova e Re, as this project may employ over ten thousand people, with 500 to 700 during employed for its operation.

Otherwise, Gërxhaliu was accompanied by business representatives from the sectors of production, construction and metal processing, which are extremely large consumers of energy, who also supported the Kosova e Re Power Plant Project.