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Prishtina, 08.12.2017 – Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, stayed in the Municipality of Gjakova, where he visited two publicly owned companies; “RWC Gjakova” and Gjakova Airport, and discussed where their management the achievements and challenges they face.

During the visit to the Gjakova Regional Water Supply company, Minister Lluka was briefed by CEO Ismet Ahmeti on the current state of affairs and development plans of this publicly owned enterprise, which has managed to reduce its losses in the network from 70% in 2011 to 47% this year, with the aim of reaching European Union rates of about 8-12 percent.

“Lots of good work have been done in this enterprise, but there is still room for further improvement with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and various donors, especially in two very important projects: 1. Finalizing the project to double the production capacity from 500 liters per second to 1000 liters per second, and thus cover more villages and towns. 2. Replacement of old asbestos pipes (about 125 km) with an estimated value of 12 million euros, which is a mandatory in order to ensure that the water we consume is healthy”, said Lluka.

In the Gjakova Airport the Minister was met by its Chief Executive Officer, Vlora Gojani and her associates, where he was informed about the status of this POE, its work and challenges.

“We were informed on the situation. It is an extremely important asset for the country and we think it should be activated to generate economic growth, to have more flights, to bring in more tourists, and of course to create new jobs, in turn”, said Lluka.

He stated that he has already initiated the procedures to activate the airport and that currently they are looking at the adequate legal form. “I believe that very soon, not longer than by mid next year, we will be able to have something concrete regarding the activation procedures of this airport”,"said Lluka.

The Economic Development Minister said that they do not exclude the possibility that the Airport of Gjakova will be used by the Turkish company “Limak”, which company manages the Prishtina International Airport, as this does not require Kosovo investment and requires only one additional public-private partnership.