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Prishtina, 24.10.2017 – The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, revealed the policies of the ministry he heads, with special emphasis on the energy sector, in a lecture he held today in front of RIT Kosovo – AUK students and professors in Prishtina, reconfirming that the development of the energy sector is a prerequisite for the country’s economic development.

Minister Lluka said on this occasion that the Kosovo Energy Strategy 2017-2026 defines the Government of Kosovo’s basic objectives for energy sector development, with due consideration on sustainable economic development, environmental protection, sustainable and reliable energy supply for the customers, efficient use of energy, development of new energy generation capacities from conventional and renewable sources, establishment of a competitive market, development of the gas pipeline system, and creation of new jobs in the energy sector.

Regarding the current state in this sector, MED Minister emphasized that no new electricity generation capacities were developed in the country in the last thirty years, and that most of the current thermal power plants are reaching the end of their operational lifespan. The demand continues to be covered through imports.

“According to a USAID study, the cost of losses for the private sector, as a result of unsustainable electricity supply, comprises some €300 million annually. On the other hand, between 2000 and 2015, €538.25 million were spent on electricity imports,” Lluka said.

Despite improvements in the recent years, Minister Lluka noted that technical and commercial losses in 2015 reached 31.8%, losses from the north of Mitrovica region comprise circa 5%, while the energy billing rate is 97% (excluding Mitrovica north).

Further, Minister Lluka focused on regional cooperation in the energy sector, underlining concrete action undertaken towards the establishment of a common Albania-Kosovo energy market, and Kosovo’s participation in the Albanian energy auction, and KOSTT’s problems with the commissioning of the 400kV line with Albania as a consequence of political problems with Serbia, which causes additional losses reaching around €15 million for this operator.

In addition, during this lecture, Minister Lluka also spoke on projects regarding the development of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and water sector, which directly impact the quality of life of the citizens.