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Prishtina, 28.09. 2017 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, is taking part in the highest level meeting of the initiative for the Central and Southeast Europe Gas Connectivity (CESEC) conducted in Bucharest, Romania. At this event, parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that complements the initiative for Central and Southeast Europe Gas Connectivity (CESEC), with a common approach to the development of the electricity market, energy efficiency and renewable sources.

This high-level meeting has gathered senior EU officials, line-ministries of 9 EU member states, and members of the Energy Community, including the Republic of Kosovo.

European Commission, as an intermediary of this process, will assist said countries through grants and soft loans in improving the gas and energy infrastructure and increasing energy efficiency, with the aim of achieving the levels of developed countries of the European Union.

Head of MED supported the initiative for the expansion of the gas network in Central and Southeast Europe, as in addition to electricity this sphere is very significant for Kosovo, as an important party for the process.

Minister Lluka reminded the initiative that Kosovo will be part of the TAP pipeline. “Considering that Kosovo currently does not have a developed gas sector, and being that we are not connected to any supply grid, recently we have commissioned a common study with Albania to review connectivity opportunities in the TAP system,” the Minister said.

The Head of MED emphasized that Kosovo will also assist in this process, as part of the regional and wider cooperation, under the Energy Community Treaty (EnCT).

The Memorandum of Understanding aims to accomplish the following objectives:
- Development of a larger and more competitive regional market in Southeast Europe, in order to increase security of energy supply, at a lower cost for customers;
- Development of the electricity infrastructure, with the aim of integrating the regional market;
- Increase of security of supply of electricity, including cyber security and crisis management;
- Accomplishment of compulsory Renewable Energy targets;
- Increasing energy efficiency as means to improve security of supply and diminishment of greenhouse gas emissions.

Otherwise, this Memorandum of Understanding complements the document on Common Approach to Treating Challenges of Natural Gas Diversification and Security of Supply, part of the Central and Southeast Europe Connectivity initiative (CESEC), of 10 July 2015.