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Prishtinë, 28.03.2017 – The Government of Kosovo embarked upon a joint journey with the World Bank and other partners, in creating designing and finding sustainable solutions for the energy sector, said the Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci, at the joint media conference with the Minister of Finance Avdullah Hoti and the spokesperson of the executive directors of World Bank, Maximo Torero, which focused on developments in the energy sector.

Minister Stavileci said that they are jointly searching for the best solution in the field of energy by transforming and modernising this sector with a Strategy that includes many objectives within an energy mix, which allows for proper and reasonable solutions in achieving two main objectives; the security of energy supply and affordability of prices.

“Once again I want to use the opportunity to thank them for their support in different ways. They are also showing their support during this stage, especially at the time when as a government we are at the closing stage of negotiations with the American investor with which we hope to soon finalise and sign these agreements, namely to provide final solutions for the project, which is not the only one in the field of energy”, said Stavileci.

The head of MED explained that in the environmental aspect, new capacities will be constructed with new technology which meets the highest standards. Works will be on the way in developing renewable sources and implementation of energy efficiency within different programs with the World Bank, and other partners such as German Development Bank, Western Balkans Investment Framework etc.

Stavileci said that within the regional cooperation with countries in the West Ballkans the aim is to create a sustainable electric energy market, which aims to liberalise market and prices.

The Minister of Finance, Avdullah Hoti assessed that the World Bank remains as one of the main partners for development of the country, by adding that the Government has a big portofolio with this financial institution that contains different projects.

“Projects of the WB enabled development of sectors in which we lacked the necessary financing and expertise as a new country. Now through the investment clause we have opened new cooperation possibilities with the World Bank for different projects”, he said, by adding that recently we have finalised e new partnership Strategy with the World Bank, which will address challenges of Kosovo.

While speaking on behalf of the WB delegation the Executive Director of World Bank Maximo Torero said that they came to Kosovo to see from close up the developments and reforms in the energy sector.

“We are looking into ways to support the energy plan as explained by the minister. We believe that it is very important to increase energy mix, and we are not only talking about energy efficiency here which is a goal of the Government, but increase of generation from renewable sources and new “Kosova e Re” Power Plant” he said.

He said that options for increasing renewable energy and regional integration of the energy sector in order to have a more sustainable energy market, are only possible if we take into consideration sustainable development, not only in the aspect of access to energy but also the aspect of protection of environment.

Torero underlined that the World Bank delegation of eight members is very representative and the idea of its visit was to see how this institution can continue to support Kosovo.