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Prishtinë, 28.02.2017 – The Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, emphasised the commitment of the Government to make 2017 the year of solving the economic and social problem of Trepca.

Stavileci made these comments during a meeting he had together with Prime Minister Isa Mustafa and Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuqi and representatives of management, Trade Union ad a number of Trepça miners, in marking the week of minors to mark the 28-th anniversary of Trepça Minors’ strike.

 “2015 was the year of saving Trepça from liquidation. Last year was the year of legal solutions and this year will be the year of economic and social solutions. All this is related to implementation of law, but also the window of opportunities for the part of capital investments. This year once feasibility study is over, we will prepare the Strategy and in the function of implementation of the Law, we will need to establish the board, the statute and register the enterprise”, said the minister.

In this meeting, Minister Stavileci informed miners about two concrete projects, the biggest conference in the mining sector that will focus on Trepça, and the other project with Germany which creates opportunities for creation of new jobs.