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Prishtinë, 23.02.2 017 – The Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci reported to the Parliamentary Committee on Stabilization and Association (PCSA) and the Stabilization and Association Council (SAC), where he presented the achievements in the field of energy, which are related to implementation of European Agenda of Reforms.

In this occasion Minister Stavileci spoke about strategic and legal framework, by emphasizing that following the adoption of the primary legislation on energy within the timeline of nine months as determined, MED is in the process of drafting the secondary legislation which was included in the legislative plan for 2017.

Regarding the Energy Strategy for 2017-2026, Minister said that after addressing the comments by the donors, the Strategy will be sent for adoption, and outlined that our goal is for it to be comprehensive and in line with environmental and social standards of the EU.

The head of the MED also spoke about regional cooperation in the field of energy, with special emphasis on Albania, and mentioned the challenges from noncompliance of agreement KOSTT-EMS by Serbia, which is holding back operation of the interconnection line of 400kV between Kosovo and Albania.

“This issue was raised as a problem for several times at the European Commission, Energy Community Treaty and the European Network of Transmission System Operators of Electric Energy”, said Stavileci.

In terms of cooperation with Albania, Minister emphasized the common energy market with Albania; the Energy Shares Market with Albania, and assessed the achievements in the direction of network Code of KOSTT, which is harmonized with that of ENTSO-E.

Stavileci emphasized the engagements related to improvement of energy security, where he listed the decision on modalities of ownership for Kosova B, new investments in energy generation and decommissioning of Kosova A PP.

“The government of Kosovo is conducting negotiations with Contour Global on rounding up the second stage of the project, the commercial part. Signing of the agreement is expected to happen in the first part of 2017. The second stage is that of financial closure which is expected to be implemented in K3 2017”, he said.

In terms of the RES and EE, Stavileci said that the National Action Plan on RES 2011 – 2020, will be updated in line with the recommendations of the Energy Community Secretariat by reviewing such measures we will allow for achievement of the 25% goal in the final gross consumption of energy by 2020.

Whereas the Action Plan 2016-2018 on Energy Efficiency also addressed comments from the Energy Community Secretary. Along these lines, Stavileci provided information about the EE Fund, as a Demand of the EC and ECT which opens the way to the Eco-Fund.