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Prishtinë, 16.02.2017 – The Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci, together with the Slovenian Ambassador in Prishtina, Miljan Mejhen and the CeO of RWC Prishtina, Ilir Abdullahu, inaugurated the new chlorination equipment in the “Mirëdita” pumping station in Velania neighborhood in Prishtina.

In this occasion, Minister Stavileci, thanked the Slovenian State for donating in this field, which is important for citizens of Prishtina. “I am grateful to the Slovenian State more concretely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this Support. We and our regional water supply companies, who provide not only tap water supply but also deal with industrial water and irrigation water, are doing a great job and despite difficulties of different nature that they encounter, they still manage to provide a regular supply of tap water” said Minister Stavileci.

The Head of MED, emphasized that the Regional Water supply Company “Prishtina” is in a good path of implementation of many projects, which aim to expand and improve the supply of drinking water for all citizens of Prishtina, but also residents of other municipalities. He indicated that there are many other projects which might seem of smaller dimensions, which are nonetheless very important, such as supply with tap water.

Whereas the Slovenian ambassador in Prishtina, Miljan Mejhen, emphasized that it is a privilege that Slovenia and Kosovo have good political and economic relationship “You know that Slovenia and Kosovo have had friendly relations for a very long time, throughout the history. We have excellent political and economic relations with Kosovo. Slovenia is one of the biggest investors in Kosovo. This project started in 2014, I am happy to be a part of inauguration today. It is very important to preserve the quality of water, and in the future we will have other projects” he said.

The CeO of RWC “Prishtina” Ilir Abdullahu said that the work with digitalization of chlorinators will continue in the entire Kosovo. “It is an innovation made by our engineers and we hope that these inaugurations and good things that are affecting Prishtina citizens will continue. It is a good job, of chlorinating the water coming from Badovc Lake in this reservoir. This point supplies 30 per cent of the Capital and it is one of the biggest reservoirs in Prishtina”, said Abdullahu and added that this year the watter supply will be increased to 24 hours a day.

Otherwise, the equipment of this project had a cost of 48 thousand Euros, of which 20 thousand were a donation from Slovenia and 28 thousand were financed by RWC “Prishtina”.
The installation of chlorination equipment is a part of a wider project called “For clean water in Kosovo”, financed by the Department for Development, Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, implemented by the IRD Global Zavod in partnership with Kosovo Relief & Development and SHUKOS.