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Prishtinë, 26.01.2017 – Minister if Economic Development Blerand Stavileci assessed that innovation is the main factor of changing the pace of economic development in the country, therefore all institutions should orient themselves towards mobilization of human capital in this field.

Stavileci made these comments today in a workshop called, “Innovation and Economic Growth”, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (ACCK), where a survey with businesses on innovation was presented.

In this occasion he said that, Ministry of economic Development included establishment of a Fund in the agenda, which will serve to finance new and existing businesses and export oriented businesses, by adding that in a mid-term plan Kosovo should also have a Ministry of Innovation.

Stavileci went on to present the internal factors that influence development of ICT technology in Kosovo, as the main field of innovation, respectively a promoter of economic development.

“Five factors that can develop ICT in Kosovo: The first one is that 34 percent of Kosovo citizens are under the age of 18; the second point is adaptability in the IT technology; the third one is knowledge of foreign languages as necessary element (English and German); fourth point is avoiding conventional education and orientation towards fast vocational training which is based in creativity, knowledge and courage and fifth but not less specific point that is causing barriers in out case is visa liberalization”, said Stavileci.

Era Jashari, official for relations with the government said that innovation overall involves new processes, new business systems and new methods of management, which have an important impact in increasing productivity and consequently economic development.

While, Vanesa Gashi from the ACCK Office for communications presented the findings of the survey on innovation, done by the members of the American Chamber. According to this study, 67% of businesses are aware of positive things that innovation brings for development of their businesses and only 52% of these businesses have a separate budget which they consider sufficient to invest in innovation.

Representatives of companies in this field emphasized that there are vacant positions in Kosovo, and that lack of professionally qualified people represents a key problem for employment.