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Prishtina 28/10/2016 – “With this Law we have opened a door for Trepca, and with a carefully elaborated and determined strategy and model, "Trepca" can expect a better future, but not without risks” – said the Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci.

Stavileci made these comments during a discussion organized by Forum 2015 of the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) on the topic ‘Trepca – What after the Law: Challenges, Opportunities and Threats,’ held today in Prishtina.

The head of MED said that the issue of Trepca and of Kosova e Re are finally on the right track, after 17 years, and merit should be attributed to everyone who was part of the team, the Assembly, the Government, the KPA, for it was public interest that prevailed over everything else.

Stavileci said there were many delays and that "Trepca" has unfortunately suffered a lot, but was eitherway somehow still managed. "We all know that due to these delays we went by a differently ordered list of steps, which should normally be: pre-feasibility, feasibility, strategy, then the law, however we have been forced to make a solution in order to save it from liquidation," he said.

According to Stavileci, the focus has been on the economic solution, however, the ecological dimension was a consideration, giving "Trepca" the shape of a corporation. "We have shown to be corporative with all stakeholders, there is not a single letter within the law that is discriminatory toward one's character, hence it is very inclusive, and with great potential for cooperation," he said.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Development, Muhamet Mustafa, said that the Government, the Assembly and everyone must be active in providing adequate information, everyone including Serb citizens, as they are manipulated and uninformed. "We need to understand trade, finance and strategy of metal processing. It is important to get prepared by February in order to have "Trepca" in operation," said Mustafa.

Professor of economics at the "Staffordshire" University, Iraj Hashi, said that although "Trepca" has the potential, it is an investment opportunity that bears risks, so investors should be encouraged and assured of safe investments.

Forum 2015 aims to open civic debate on "Trepca" by trying to encourage decision-makers and other stakeholders to disclose various development alternatives, from any area that is relevant to the success of this major project.