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Prishtinë, 06.10.2016 – The Functional Committee for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade and Industry, reviewed today in principle the Draft Law No. L-120 on Trepça and recommended the assembly to avoid the Assembly Rules of Procedure and hold the first review of the Draft Law No. L-120 on Trepça in the Plenary Session of 07.10.2016, recommending its adoption in principle.

In addition to the members of the Government Coalition, members of opposition parties also voted in favor of this recommendation, with the exception of members of Vetëvetëndosje. The draft law was objected by the member of the Lista Srpska.

Minister Stavileci presented the Draft Law to the Committee and stated that after many consultations and significant and intensive work, a draft law was compiled which aims to open way for Trepça to have a genuine development status.

“Given that Trepça cannot be treated like other enterprises, we thought that this enterprise must have a rather corporation character, which will be governed by principles of good corporate governance”, he said, adding that two fundamental principles adhered are provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the Law on Mines and Minerals, which state that mineral resources are property of Kosovo.

According to him, an acceptable alternative was found for the majority of stakeholders, a suitable formula, which gives stability and paves the way for Trepça for its and further development.

The Commission found that this draft law is of particular importance as it defines the ownership, opens development prospects and determines organizational and corporate governance aspects.

The Committee further underlined that the Draft Law has provided an optimal solution for the public interest, the interest of workers and interest of mining communities and also supports the prospect of transforming Trepça into an attractive company for investors, the shareholders as the private sector.

Therefore, the Committee recommends the Assembly to avoid the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, and the first reading of the Draft Law No. L-120 on Trepça to take place in the plenary session of 07.10.2016.