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Prishtinë, 09.09.2016 – The Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo 2016-2025 is a document that synthetizes all efforts and activities in order to change, transform and modernize the energy sector, said the Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci during the presentation of this Strategy, which is one of the obligations deriving from the mandate of the MED.

The head of MED said that the Energy Strategy, based on the analysis of problems in the energy sector, the energy demand as well as its potential to achieve the security of sustainable energy supply for a ten year period, determined five strategic objectives:

- Security of sustainable and qualitative supply with electric energy and with necessary capacities for a stable electric energy system;
- Integration into the Regional Energy Market; 
- Increase of existing strategy and thermal systems as well as construction of new capacities;
-Development of natural infrastructure;
- Improvement in use of energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy and environment based on the requirements of the Treaty on Establishment of the Energy Community and the SAA.

According to him, analysis for implementation of strategic objectives that have an impact in the energy sector were conducted based on series of following factors: 
1. Projections of the demand based on projections of economic growth according to the National Development Strategy 2016-2021 and the Economic Reforms Program; 
2. Measures for reducing technical and commercial loses in the electricity distribution system;  
3. Impact of the expansion of thermal energy systems, in the demand for electric energy;
4. Use of renewable sources;
5. Energy efficiency measures,
6. Market integration etc.

Preservation of the environment is a component that should accompany all measures for reaching the strategic objectives.

“For achieving every single objective, we have recommended policies and measures that were considered suitable for achievement of the main purpose: Creation of conditions for ensuring sustainable, qualitative and safe energy supply, through development of production, transmission and distribution capacities, which are capable of withstanding the increasing energy demand without problems”, said Minister Stavileci.

He continued to say that the document took into consideration the diversity of sources, the consumers’ purchasing power, efficient use of energy, maximum use of renewable energy sources, protection of environment during energy activities and free competition. 

“This draft of the strategy also provides for scenario according to which we are aiming to achieve the above mentioned objectives. If we are to translate it in terms of concrete projects, the projects that are the backbone of this strategy we have  the “Kosova e Re” PP project, rehabilitation of the “Kosova B” PP, and the generation potential from Renewable Energy Sources as well as implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures”, said Stavileci.

The Head of the MED explained that the draft of the Strategy is accompanied by annexes that provide a detailed overview for the users, of the current situation or details and analysis conducted on the energy demand, adequacy of electro-energy system, renewable energy sources, district heating, natural gas, energy efficiency.

Otherwise, the Draft Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo 2016-2025 was prepared in accordance with applicable legal requirements by a team composed of ministries, agencies and system operators with the coordination of the MED as the responsible authority for preparation of the document which was subsequently put on public discussion.