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Prishtinë, 29.07.2016 – Today Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci visited “Formon” Company which launched its latest project 3D Printer the first of its kind ever produced by national companies.

In this occasion, Minister Stavileci congratulated the company for the its achievements and reconfirmed once again his support for companies dealing with the field of Information Technology.

“It is not by chance that we placed Information and Electronic Communication Technology in our agenda and amongst the most important points for the future of our country. This field pertains to the future, it is an economy that is based in knowledge and creativity and these are things that pertain to the Kosovo youth”, said Minister Stavileci, by adding that ICT companies are already showing their determination to launch their creativity in the international market.

In this occasion Minister Stavileci emphasized that these companies, through their serious engagement are demonstrating that they are capable of competing in foreign markets.

“The 3D Printer product is the best testimony that companies that started with small expectations, through their work and professionalism of young Kosovars managed to come to a point which astonishes us all” said minister Stavileci.

On the other hand Rron Cena, Formon Company CeO stated that the 3D Printer product, will be very beneficial for personal use and small business.

“This is the first time in the region that we have a brand that deals with production, development and complete design of an electronic product, starting from a machinery system, electronic system and the software” said Cena.