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Prishtina, 19.07.2016 - E-governance aims to provide more quality services by our public administration for citizens, businesses and the administration.  This was said today during the presentation of the project of the Ministry of Public Administration - Feasibility Study for e-Governance and ICT investments for IRK funded by the World Bank.

Present on this occasion were representatives of the Kosovo institutions, the IT sector and potential donors for the development of ICT, who noted the importance of developing this sector. Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci said that the contribution towards the development of the IT sector depends on both the private sector as well as the public sector as an enabler of a more favorable environment for development, but also itself a user and provider of government e-services as a necessity of time.

“The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, seeing the importance of the ICT sector, considers this technology as one of the most important priorities for sustainable economic development and a structural transformation towards an economy and society based on knowledge”, he added.

Stavileci said that MED last month launched the National IT Strategy, which was developed in collaboration with the private sector, the academia and with the support of GIZ, the Norwegian Embassy, and is a document that addresses relevant issues and poses clear obligation for all parties in the process, to ensure that the potential of Kosovo in providing ICT services beyond Kosovo’s borders impacts the so-called digital transformation of our young population.

Minister of Public Administration, Mahir Jagcilar, said that the study entails a detailed analysis of all information technology developments in the institutions of Kosovo. Main recommendations of the Study include: Development of the platform that connects all electronic systems developed by the Kosovo institutions; construction of an information center in the event of disasters, with a specific location for storing data for more than one required place and distance; and a renewed implementation of the Government and Business Portal designed for citizens’ services. Minister of Finance, Abdullah Hoti, said that ICT is treated as a priority by the Government, adding that this year there has been progress in the application of electronic services, citing the development of the electronic platforms for the payment of property tax, etc.

He said that it is up to the Ministry of Finance to provide funds to support this process. Ministry of Public Administration in the framework of the Public Sector Modernization Project, developed a Feasibility Study for e-Governance and ICT investments for IRK funded by the World Bank, a study which was conducted by Novus- Ikub.