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Prishtina, 01.07.2016 - Information Technology is the only sector that can exceed the orbit of traditional development sectors, thus investments in human resources in the field of ICT will affect economic development, namely the creation of new jobs, said the Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci.

Minister Stavileci made these comments in the opening of the Higher Vocational School - Cacttus Education, which was attended by the representatives of educational institutions and the ICT sector. It was estimated that this school will also provide students with world-class education and expertise in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

Minister Stavileci said that in addition to the existing entrepreneurial potential, ideas, creativity, imagination and inventiveness of our youth, education is one segment which constitutes a competitive advantage compared to other sectors.

He assured his support to ICT, adding that this area is already part of the government agenda, now regarded as one of the priority sectors.

Stavileci said that the opening of the vocational school is a step of great importance, since the ICT courses are part of the global economic market, a trend which has already been attached to many young people of our country.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Arsim Bajrami, said that the model of this school enables an advanced and practical learning, building competencies and skills of students, and offering an education in general related to economic development and guaranteeing employment.

On the other hand, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Arban Abrashi, stated that ICT profiles are profiles that correspond to the labor market. According to him, young people trained in the field of ICT have no difficulties in finding employment.

Driton Hapçiu Chairman of the Board “Cactttus Education”, said that this two-year school will focus on practical learning, as well as theoretical aspects. He said that the courses foreseen in this vocational school include implementation of real projects in order for the student to be ready for work by the end of the program.

In addition, Cacttus Education will offer certified programs with renowned international partners: Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft Partner for Learning Solutions and others.