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Prishtina, 27.05.2016 – From today, citizens of the Municipality of Vushtrri will have sufficient supply of drinking water. Thanks to investments in a water treatment plant, an investment of the Government and the Municipality of Vushtrri, inaugurated today in village Balincë.

Present at the inauguration of the water plant were the Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli, Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, Mayor of Vushtrri, Bajram Mulaku, MPs, senior officials of RWC Mitrovica and citizens of this area.

Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli, said a solution to the water problem was finally was given, for the benefit of tens of thousands of residents of the Municipality, with the commissioning of the new water processing plant. He added that this plant represents a major investment in advanced technologies that will ensure continuous supply of quality water, significantly improving the welfare of the citizens of the area.

Minister Blerand Stavileci said the Government, in addition to other sectors, is working to implement more projects for the good of citizens of the country, such as the project for the water plant here in Vushtrri.

“This is a very significant project for the citizens of this municipality, and more. At the same time, we all commit to continue with investments to enhance production capacities, respectively to ensure consistent supply of quality drinking water” he added.

Stavileci stated that he discussed with Mayor Bajram Mulaku for a new project of expanding the current network and the installation of a new network in certain settlements.

The Mayor of Vushtrri, Bajram Mulaku, said that the municipality has long had a lack of drinking water, but with this investment there is hope that there will be plenty of water for all citizens of Vushtrri, and urged them to save drinking water and pay their water bills.

The water processing plant is an investment from the budget of the Government of Kosovo and the Municipality of Vushtrri, amounting to 8.5 million euros. The Water Plant, with a capacity of 350 l/sec will provide enough water for the residents of Vushtrri.