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Prishtina, 26.05.2016 – On the second day of the International Fair of Construction, Energy, and Technology – “EXPOKOS” in Prishtina, the Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, visited several stands of participating companies, especially those of the energy sector.

As part of this visit, Stavileci stopped by the Countour Global stand, with which MED has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Kosova e Re Power Plant, and discussed with its representatives.

On this occasion, the economic Minister said that the Kosova e Re project is in the stage of commercial agreements, to be followed by the stage of preparation of the tender package for the construction of the power plant “Kosova e Re”, which will be an open competition between world leaders in the field of electricity generation, facilities and construction of TPPs.

According to him, this project is expected to start in spring next year, and will bring many benefits to our country, in several dimensions.

“In addition to the sectorial dimension in ensuring supply of reliable and quality electricity, there will be the social dimension, as thousands of jobs will be created, and there is also the environment dimension, as it will use an advanced technology protecting the environment” he added.

Stavileci reiterated that the technology used in this project is much more advanced and more efficient than those used in the past, and it will be cleaner than many other sources, which are believed to be environmentally friendly.

Minister Stavileci also visited other companies in the field of energy, and became more closely acquainted with their services.