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Prishtina, 25.05.2016 - Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, accompanied by the Mayor of Gjakova, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, visited the Regional Water Company ‘Radoniq JSC’, to look closely at the works in filters' station, respectively the second water plant in the municipality, implemented as co-financing of MED and three municipalities, Gjakova, Prizren and Rahovec.

On this occasion, Minister Stavileci, said that MED is committed to support projects that affect the welfare of people's lives such as drinking water. “We are supporting the project, which will supply drinking water to citizens, but we are also interested in projects to treat wastewaters, which is a remaining challenge,” he added.

Stavileci said that the RWC Radoniq has a good performance in implementing projects, and estimated that this project will supply with drinking water 250 thousand citizens of Gjakova municipality.

From her part, the Mayor of Gjakova, Mimoza Kusari Lila, added that the municipality supported several projects of RWC Radoniq, and said that the German and Swiss governments also helped in funding.

According to her, by the end of the year the municipality intends to supply with drinking water 99 percent of the citizens covered by the municipality.

The CEO of RWC Radoniq, Ismet Ahmeti, thanked MED for the financial support it has given to projects that are vital to this public company, especially the project of the second water plant, which will cover the demand for water for three municipalities.

The investment in the water plant project, respectively station filters, has a cost of 6.4 million Euros, of which MED participated with 1.2 million and the third stage is expected to see co-financing from two other municipalities, namely Rahovec and Prizren.