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Prishtina, 18.05.2016 - Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci acknowledged the positive developments in the sector of electricity distribution and supply after the privatization of KEDS, which has resulted in improved revenue collection and reduction of losses.

Stavileci made these comments today in the presentation of the Distribution Network Development Plan in Kosovo, covering the period until 2025, by KEDS, attended by stakeholders of the energy sector and mayors of Kosovo.

Stavileci said that the involvement of the various stakeholders, in this case mayors of Kosovo, contributes to an enhanced cooperation between the central and local levels, and particularly KEDS and other companies, in order to be closer to the demands and needs of municipalities.

“This and other plans related to the field of electricity have a significant importance for the electricity sector”, he said, adding that the Distribution Network Development Plan is in line with the agreements and the Investment Plan of KEDS for 2013-2017, worth in excess of 100 million euros.

Further, talking about building new capacities, Stavileci said that to meet the demand of customers with electricity, including businesses, in December last year an agreement of understanding was signed with a US investor and now we are at the end of the commercial phase, which is expected to be finalized by June.

“We have interest of more than 8 known companies, leaders in the electricity generation that are interested to be part of the construction of Kosova e Re Plant, and by mid spring we will witness the launch of the project works on the biggest power project in the country, to the new location, near “Kosovo B”, he said.

From his part, George Karagutoff, Managing Director of KEDS, stated that this plan entails two factors that are part of the fulfillment of the mission and vision of KEDS: How to ensure a positive impact for the people of Kosovo and use of best technologies and modernization of the network.

According to the plan, by 2025 over 300 million investments will take place, with 3500 new transformers and 2000 km of new lines, reducing technical losses and bringing more benefits to consumers.

Enver Halimi, Chairman of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Office, commended the preparation of long-term plans that cover rules for at least 10 years for the development of the distribution system, which are legal obligations as prescribed by law on electricity and license conditions of KEDS, and the rules on general conditions for electricity supply.

He said that ERO has requested KEDS to ensure that in the process of drafting the plan they involve municipalities of Kosovo in order to identify their needs for expansion and modernization of distribution network.