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Prishtina, 13.05.2016 – We are trying to raise the profile of the ICT sector at a level which was probably never so widely distributed in our society, said Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, during a visit made today at the ‘Fingermarket’ company in Prishtina, which offers online services, and in which he was welcomed by the company owner.

Stavileci added that the MED is in the process of promoting the concept of digital economy, an economy that is based on three elements; knowledge, skills and creativity.

"We think that the ICT sector can change the pace of economic development, because it makes changes in many other branches of the economy. The idea of digitizing businesses, digitizing services, is very important because this way it enables them an added value in operating costs, and at the same time enables businesses to be closer to the customers they have", said Minister Stavileci.

On the other hand, Diedon Kica, commercial director of Fingermarket, thanked Minister Stavileci for the visit and said the company aims to make digitization of businesses in Kosovo in order to enable businesses to more easily find each other, respectively potential partners, investors, but also products and services they are interested to transact with each other.

Fingermarket. Inc is an American company headquartered in Delaware, USA and operates in Kosovo as of January 2016 with its first branch in Pristina, Kosovo-Fingermarket Corporation Branch.

Fingermarket.com is a platform that empowers businesses to develop and find new opportunities alongside professionals. The company also intends to make the development of online commerce (e-commerce) and on the other hand to increase youth employment. The company currently has 100 employees.