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Prishtinë, 13.05.2016 – Ministry of Economic Development, respectively the Government of Kosovo, welcomes the provision of any service that is in the function of the citizens of the country and development of a company such as the Post of Kosovo, said the Minister, Blerand Stavileci during the launch of the postal service "Tracking of postal shipments".

"All of us are part of a free market, of a model of a free market economy. But in fact we always face competition. But I believe that competition makes us all better, and also the Post of Kosovo", said Stavileci.

The Minister said that he supports in certain cases giving priority to public enterprises, being that his Government is a shareholder, but it should be accomplished in accordance with the legal provisions, given the flexibility of time and the opportunity which the Post offers being present throughout the country and the efficiency of public spending," he added.

Stavileci said that digitization services, is part of a digital economy, the digitization of businesses should be done as soon as possible.

Chief Executive of Post of Kosovo, Sejdi Hoxha, said that this project is one of the greatest achievements of the Post, in terms of the modernization and digitization of postal services.

"This project is one of the greatest achievements of the Post of Kosovo in terms of modernizing our digitization services. I must emphasize that this new system is designed and implemented from our IT experts and experts of postal services," he said, adding that the company saved approximately 200 thousand euro.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Economic Chamber of Kosovo, Safet Gërxhaliu said that this achievement of the Post, it is both economically and socially equally relevant, but most important is that it consists in enhancing the image of Kosovo.

"Post is increasing in Kosovo, it is taking place in Kosovo, and therefore it justifies the epithet of being the Post of Kosovo. More must be done for the economy, not just words, the country should be the basis of the economy, Kosovo and its existing potentials. Post belongs to Kosovo and I believe institutions in the future will do more for it," he said.