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Prishtina, 12.05.2016 - The Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia must intensify cooperation in areas of common interest such as energy, infrastructure and others that fall within regional cooperation. This was said today by the Minister of Economic Development of Kosovo, Blerand Stavileci and Minister of Economy of Macedonia, Driton Kuqi, during a joint press conference in Prishtina.

Minister Stavileci said that he and his Macedonian counterpart agreed that the level of cooperation must be raised to another level, based on the fact that there have been several mutual agreements signed between our countries.

"We would like to change the direction in the positive sense, especially in terms of the pace of development, in other words, to materialize them and start concrete activities and projects," said Stavileci.

He said that knowing the fact that both countries are partners in all regional initiatives, including those that arise from the Berlin process – within whose agenda is the transport network in the Western Balkan states and inter-connectivity in the field of energy – this cooperation must be taken further.

"In this context, it is very important for the Eastern European countries, especially those which are our neighbors, to have projects with which we would link better with one another, and with which we would link with other platforms, especially in terms of the regional market," said Stavileci, using as a reference the positive cooperation in these areas between Kosovo and Albania.

The head of MED said that the practice of cooperation with Albania, which includes an energy highway of 400 kV as well as projects that will have an impact on future developments in the common markets, can be sought out as well with the Republic of Macedonia, in order to create an integrated regional market.

"Our respective delegations have pledged to renew these previous ideas and see how we could advance them in order to connect our countries in terms of physical infrastructure but also in terms of construction of energy capacities, with which we can complement one another, and with which we influence the security of supply, not only for Kosovo and Macedonia, but also for other countries," said Stavileci, adding that this will give a new breathing to both countries.

For his part, Minister of Economy of Macedonia, Driton Kuqi said the two countries have already set a solid basis for the establishment of new cooperation projects in the interest of citizens of both countries.

"During the meeting they discussed about the current joint energy projects such as the second Macedonia-Kosovo inter-connection of 400 kV, where now both countries receive authenticity research as well as there has been an Operating Agreement was signed between MEPSO and KOSTT which regulates systems interconnection cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Kosovo", he added.

Kuqi further said that he and his colleague Stavileci agreed on the importance of developing gas-transmission systems for the two countries, since according to the feasibility studies for the gas-transmission system in Macedonia, among the 6 additional interconnection potentials projected is the inter-connection with Kosovo which will add more security of energy supply.

According to him, cooperation is done on the basis of 28 agreements signed between the two countries, however, this cooperation is expected to be made more concrete by the working groups of the two ministries.