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Prishtina, 11.05.2016 – Information and electronic communication sector is one of the sectors with highest potential for economic development. This was said today by the Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci during a visit made at the advanced ICT company ‘Gjirafa’ in Prishtina.

Stavileci said that the latest developments in the global market are indicating that everything is turning towards digital economy.

"Seeing that the latest developments necessarily require us to also become part of the digital economy, we as a country with youth potential have all the prerequisites to develop the sector just like Gjirafa. We see other companies developing in our country, we see that the history of this field is very young and we encourage you to continue in this direction," said Minister Stavileci, offering his support in the development of this sector.

Number one of the MED announced that the department he leads will continue the steps that were started, such as the approval of the National Strategy for Information Technology.

Minister Stavileci also said that the Fund as well as other actions will be done for the development of this sector, which makes a much greater value, adding that today every business, regardless of the activity can benefit greatly from ICT.

"We will continue to support the ICT sector, in particular private enterprises that are enabling this development", said Stavileci.

On the other hand, the founder of the company ‘Gjirafa’ Mergim Cahani thanked the Minister for the commitment and support to the sector, and said that this company is working for a future of economic development, focused towards the innovative aspect of information technology in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

Cahani said that since October 2014 when the company was started, one year after had an increase of 650% with Gjirafa.com, whereas with the other product Gjirafa@network which was started in mid-January 2016, four months after it was started officially became platform number one for online marketing in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.
Gjirafa Inc. is an advanced technology company, whose main product is the search engine Gjirafa.com. This is the first and the most advanced search engine in Albanian, which enables its users to find information from the entire Internet. Users are able to search more than 160 million web pages in Albanian from the entire Internet, and more than 10,000 daily news from all the Albanian information portals.