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Prishtina, 04.05.2016 - The World Bank has reaffirmed its continued support for Kosovo's energy sector as well as other sectors. This was stated today by the Executive Director of the World Bank, Frans Godts, who was accompanied by the Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci. Together they visited the premises of power plants Kosova A and Kosova B, where the corporation’s management informed them about the work and challenges they face.

Minister Stavileci stated that they are working intensively to transform the energy sector, knowing that the existing capacity covers a large part of electricity consumption, but these capacities are outdated and the larger part are in need of revitalization.

"On the other hand, we have worked on new projects with which we could increase our electric capacity, in order for us to be part of a stable region with a reliable supply of energy, but also for us to be a part of the trans-European electricity network in the future," he said.

Regarding the Kosova e Re project, Stavileci said that in addition to the the Government's commitment, a range of stakeholders are part of this process, including decision-makers, and therefore they are cautious throughout all the stages in solving questions and dilemmas, while working in close cooperation with the World Bank in this direction, considering it as one of the only options to ensure stability with electric supply.

"We are concluding the phase of commercial agreements with the US investors and we expect that by the end of June - beginning of July, we will continue with the next phase, which will be the bidding package for the construction of the Power Plant. If we do not face any obstacles, the actual work of one of the largest investments in all sectors will begin a year from now," said Stavileci.

Responding to media inquiries regarding the fate of Kosovo A, Stavileci said that there will be a feasibility study beforehand and confirmed that the country has obligations towards the ECT and the European Commission for the decommissioning of assets that pollute the environment.

World Bank Executive Director Mr. Frans Godts, at the same time our Constituency Executive Director at the World Bank, said that they heard a lot about the energy sector in Kosovo and have had proposals belonging to this sector, and that he is here to see closely that which he has seen on paper.

Godts stated that he was impressed by the commitment of the Government of Kosovo and the employees who work at the power plants Kosova A and Kosova B, and added that he will look into how he can support the Government of Kosovo and its citizens in the future regarding the energy sector and all other sectors.

"Plans are on the table, we will look carefully into the proposals, and as I said earlier, the World Bank is ready to support the energy sector in Kosovo and will also look at how we can help the Government of Kosovo in building the TPP "Kosova e Re", said Godts.

Managing Director of KEK, Arben Gjukaj informed Stavileci and Godts regarding KEK's developments as well as daily operations and received support in regards to making these challenges easier and providing the citizens of Kosovo with electricity.