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Prishtina, 25 June 2015 – Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci met today with the head of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gërxhaliu, accompanied by a number of business leaders, mostly from fields covered by the ministry, to discuss on the business environment, energy challenges and possibilities for overcoming current barriers.

Minister Stavileci said after the meeting that business representatives were presented Government’s plans on spheres related directly to them, which will support their competitiveness in the market, aware electricity supply represents the greatest barrier for doing business in Kosovo.

Minister Stavileci also made note of the initiatives to establish developmental funds, including the Information and Communication Technology Fund and Energy Efficiency and RES Fund, which will support both existing and new businesses.

According to Stavileci, concerns of businesses, articulated through the KCC, are reasonable and subject to the mandate of MED and independent institutions, such as regulatory agencies, KTA and Customs, but MED will cooperate with line-institutions to finding appropriate solutions for them.

Regarding problems raised, head of MED said that some of them could be resolved in a short period of time, underlining fields such as RES and mining, operations in which will be facilitated through the introduction of one stop shop procedures and harmonization of license terms, which will be effected by legislative interventions.

On the other hand, head of KCC Safet Gërxhaliu said that one of the greatest challenges faced by the business environment in the country is the high price of electricity and its regular supply. He said that he requested from the Minister, and received guarantees, that one stop shops will be established for businesses investing in alternative energy not to wander from one agency to another, but rather have an office in which they address all their concerns.

Gërxhaliu said he believes that support in elimination of barriers related to the import of equipment for alternative energy generation, especially generation from hydro capacities, could be found through MED and the National Council for Economic Development, as said barriers are disproportionate when compared to those of the countries in the region.

Otherwise, present in the meeting along with KCC leaders, were heads of Kosovo Goldsmith Association, and Mabetex, OTI Slovenia, ECO Trade, Eurometal and Eurohidro companies.