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Prishtina, 09.06.2015 – The Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, is visiting Washington, conducting separate meetings with heads of the World Bank and senior officials of the State Department, with a focus on economic development, namely energy sector projects.

As part of this visit, Minister Stavileci, met with senior officer of the World Bank, including Kyle Peters, World Bank Deputy President for Operations, Laura Tuck – Deputy President for Europe and Central Asia, Rachel Kyte – Deputy President and Emissary for Climate Change, Dimitris Tsitsiragos, Deputy President of IFC, Anita George – Senior Director for Energy and Global Practices GEEDR, Charles Feinstein – Director of GEEDR, Ranjit Lamech – Manager of GEEDR, and Ravi Vish – Director for Environment and Social Sustainability.

In meetings with heads of the World Bank, Minister Stavileci discussed sustainable development in the energy sector in Kosovo, including projects which are aimed at increasing generation capacities, enhancing energy efficiency, and developing renewable energy resources, to what he received strong support from the abovementioned senior officials.

In his second day of the visit in Washington, Stavileci also met with Matthew Mallow, Director of the Office for Europe and Eurasia in the Department of the Treasury, Alina Romanowski – Coordinator for Europe in the State Department, with whom he discussed about bilateral cooperation and possibilities to further enhance cooperation.

Stavileci embarked in this visit to attend a roundtable with other officials from Energy and Natural Resources Office and Office for Economic and Business Issues of the State Department.