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Prishtina, 09.10.2020 - In order to present the activities, achievements and challenges that the Kosovo Cadastral Agency has faced during 2020 and in order to present the vision of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency for the future of land administration in general and cadastre, geodesy, property and geoinformation in particular, the Kosovo Cadastral Agency was visited today by Burbuqe Bakija Deva, Deputy Minister of Economy and Environment, and Vullnet Luzhnica, Political Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi.


Mrs Bakija Deva was received by the Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, Avni Ahmeti, who, together with his associates, through interactive discussions reflected all the activities completed during 2020, which are mainly related to the advancement of the legal framework, production of technical and professional manuals, provision of services and products for citizens and institutions even in pandemic conditions and so on and so forth.


On her part, Bakija Deva praised the achievements of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, offered her and Minister Kuçi's support in advancing the legal framework and said that the Ministry of Economy and Environment recognizes the weight that land, cadastre and property registers have in the daily life of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and in their households.


Also, Bakija Deva wanted to know more about the involvement of women in decision-making in the Agency as well as property statistics, namely the trend of property registration on behalf of women in the Republic of Kosovo.


Mr Ahmeti made a practical demonstration of the performance of daily tasks by the Agency by visiting the offices of the Agency, while Mrs Bakija Deva was given professional literature produced by KCA during the months of the pandemic.


At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the institutions agreed to have a greater coordination between them, believing that this will facilitate the advancement of services and products that the Kosovo Cadastral Agency offers to citizens and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. '