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Prishtina, 07.10. 2020 - As a result of the political cooperation between the Ministry of Economy and Environment and the Ministry of Justice, at the same time the professional cooperation between the Kosovo Cadastral Agency (KCA) and the Kosovo Chamber of Notaries (KCN) in the field of data opening, providing access to notaries in property register administered by KCA, in the premises of the Ministry of Justice, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the KCA and the KCN.


Through this Memorandum of Cooperation it is intended that notary offices, based on the legislation in force, be provided access to view, print and note on property certificates administered by the KCA in the Cadastral Information System for the territory of Kosovo. The signing of the Memorandum was preceded by a meeting between the Deputy Minister of Economy and Environment, Burbuqe Deva Bakija, the Deputy Minister of Justice, Florian Dushi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, Avni Ahmeti and the President of the Chamber of Notaries, Aliriza Besh.


In this meeting, the act of the agreement was evaluated, emphasizing that the main beneficiaries of such a process will be the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, as in this way the level of security of property transactions would be increased, bureaucratic procedures be avoided, the rate of transparency would be increased, provision of quality and real-time data be enabled, as well as the expenses of citizens and the like would be reduced.


Deputy Minister Deva-Bakija praised this achievement, saying that the Ministry of Economy and Environment will be a permanent supporter of initiatives that benefit the institutions and citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and guaranteed continued support in all sectors covered by the Ministry of Economy and Environment.


On the other hand, Deputy Minister Dushi stressed that the Ministry of Justice will be open and ready to cooperate in each case in order to coordinate and improve either through the correction of legal regulations, which would provide legal facilities and security for both citizens and also for the work of notaries in Kosovo. '