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 Prishtina, 30 July 2020 - Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Environment, Mr Mentor Sylmeta and the Chief of Cabinet of the Minister Mr Bedri Berisha held an online meeting with Mrs Chie Shimodaira, Director and Mr Keita Harada from the Department of Global Environment, Head Office of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Tokyo, Mr Jiro Takeichi, Chief Representative, JICA Office for the Balkans and Mrs Tomoko Unaki, Project Formulation Advisor, JICA Office for the Balkans and JICA Expert Team.


JICA officials presented the JICA support given to the Republic of Kosovo in many areas, including the on-going project "Capacity Development for Air Pollution Control in the Republic of Kosovo". Moreover, JICA experts presented the achievements of this project.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible for JICA experts to come here for the completion of the aforementioned project, so MEE and JICA agreed to extend the project until the situation from this pandemic gets better.


Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Environment Mr Mentor Sylmeta offered support to JICA experts for the finalization of the project and thanked JICA for all the support given with the hope for further cooperation in the future.