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'Prishtina, 21.11.2019 – Ministry of Economic Development (MED), in cooperation with World Bank's Global Cybersecurity Capacity Building Program II, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), Global Cybersecurity Center for Development (GCCD), have organized a two-day seminar on Cyber Security under the topic “National Cyber Security Policies and Frameworks”. The seminar was financed by the Korea-World Bank Group Partnership Facility (KWPF), that is administered by the World Bank for Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance”.

This seminary was part of the process of reassessing Cyber security Maturity Model (CMM) that took place on 16-18 of July 2019.

KISA experts have rather thoroughly elaborated the different aspects of incidents in the cyber security area, starting from preventive measures, analysis, assessment, actions to be taken up to the level of international communication and cooperation on cyber security related issues.

The approach to cyber security was addressed in several dimensions: policies and strategies, cyber society and culture, education and training, legal and regulatory framework and technologies and standards.

The presentations in general were highly informational and useful for our local stakeholders, who were given the opportunity to hear from experts of vast experiences in this field about threats and attacks faced by Korea, and their current approach toward the increased potential of cyber-attacks. The well-developed “critical” infrastructure of the Republic of Korea, and the rapid development of ICT in this country, makes them a good example to learn from.

Moreover, during the seminar, the representatives of the MED presented our country’s state of play in terms of cyber security from the legal, regulatory and practical point of view, whereby it was stressed that that Kosovo must consider with great seriousness the issue of cyber security by learning from the best global practices of preparing a firm legal framework and by applying regulatory measures that fit Kosovo’s context.

The Ministry of Economic Development considers that bringing new practices and experiences to Kosovo is of particular importance in terms of building capacities and strengthening cyber security. Therefore, we believe that events such as this seminar will open new opportunities for improvement and new policies in the cyber area security.

Finally, both parties agreed to continue and further deepen this cooperation of mutual interest.

Furthermore, KISA is, inter alia, known for its activities such as: responding to cyber incidents, protecting personal data, promoting the information protection industry and the internet infrastructure.