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Prishtina, 29.03.2019 - The second meeting of the Working Group for drafting the National Plan on Energy and Climate (NECP) 2021-2030 has been held today. This plan is based on the Recommendation of the Energy Community Ministerial Council, adopted in January 2018, whereby Kosovo is a contracting party of the Energy Community.

According to the Recommendations of the Energy Community Ministerial Council, this plan will be based on 5 dimensions: Energy Security, Internal Energy Market, Energy Efficiency, Decarbonisation, Research, Innovation and Competition.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Innovation, Ministry of European Integration, ERO, KOSTT, and representatives of the civil society. During the meeting, the co-chair of the Working Group, Mr. Sabit Gashi, provided information on the process being conducted under the Energy Community, in relation to the definition of new energy efficiency targets, renewable energy sources and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the stances of the institutions regarding the very important process of establishing new energy and climate change policies in the Energy Community.

Furthermore, during the meeting was also discussed on the composition of Thematic Working Groups based in the dimensions of the National Plan on Energy and Climate, and almost all six Working Groups were staffed with members from institutions, energy companies, ERO, civil society and the University.

Also, during the meeting was discussed the draft working plan of the Working Group for Drafting NECP 2021-2030 and the same was approved.

The recommendation of the meeting was that Thematic Working Groups start working on the drafting the NECP, initially the chapter on the state of play for each dimension and then continue further with the drafting of NCEP’s chapters based on the approved work plan.

As per the dynamics planned by the Energy Community Secretariat, the energy and climate plans must be drafted and approved by the end of 2020 from each contracting party, whereas the first working draft of the NCEP 2021-2030 is planned to be adopted by the Working Group by end - 2019.