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Prishtina, 25.04.2018 - The Ministry of Economic Development has placed a significant focus on information technology, given the role of this sector in economic development, said Minister Valdrin Lluka at the opening of the Assembly of the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology, STIKK, held today in Prishtina.

Minister Lluka stated on this occasion that the data of the Ministry of Finance indicate that today we have over 1 billion EUR of total exports of services and about 500 million EUR of imports, i.e. we have a positive trade balance, which shows Kosovo's potential for export in such services.

According to him, considering the negative trade balance of products, the balance of services should enjoy a greater focus in the future.

“The successes achieved in this sector are not the result of government policies, but rather due to activities of the sector and donors, who have played a key role in supporting this sector. Therefore, we hope that in the future this will change and reflect better in the strategy that needs to be revised as of next year,” said Lluka, adding that new policies will help this sector.

The head of MED, said that the Ministry has continuously supported STIKK in their ICT development and promotion projects, supporting Kosovo companies in improving and exporting services and educating young people in accessing the labor market, this which objective is also in accordance with the Kosovo ICT Strategy.

The support of MED to the KOSICT conference also follows this line, gathering around 2000 participants in this sector in Kosovo.

Minister Lluka also mentioned the cooperation with STIKK in the establishment and development of the largest tech-park project, which will be the basis of this sector and the Digital economy project with the World Bank in the amount of 30 million USD.